18th century woodland cottage
18th century woodland cottage and large 20th century extension

The client for this Newmillerdam site was a prospective homeowner. Attracted by the large woodland plot in the conservation area, they wanted to extend and remodel the house, and build new outbuildings and a swimming pool.

The house is undesignated but historical research showed that the cottage dated back to at least 1849. Much of the fabric and form from this time appears to be present. The large extension was probably added in the 1960s and far exceeds the area and volume that would now be permitted on a site that is in both the green belt and a conservation area.

The policy constraints meant that creating new area (for the house, outbuildings and pool) was not possible and the significance of the original cottage would have been substantially harmed if it was extended at first floor.

I created a design that had minimal impact and  enhanced the appearance of the house. However, since the only space that could be added had to be offset against demolition, it did not give the client the space they needed and they did not proceed with the purchase.