Front elevation of the former school house is formal with regular fenestration
Rear elevation of the former school house is asymmetrical

The client wanted to demolish the outbuilding to the rear of the Grade II listed Georgian house to improve the health of the house  in front of it, and also to improve the usability of the outdoor space in that area.

The house had an interesting history, having been used as a school from at least 1851. It probably dates to the seventeenth century, although much of the extant fabric to its elevations is eighteenth and nineteenth century, with some twentieth century infill.

Diagrams to show likely phasing of the site in 1851 and 1884-91
The outbuilding is similarly the product of multiple phases of development, and three main pre-twentieth phases are evidenced in its elevations, with later insertions and infill. It seems likely that changes to the plot use and its outbuildings was carried out in connection with the building / rebuilding of the neighbouring house in 1880.

I considered that it would be too harmful to demolish the outbuilding as there were uncertainties over its historic use, form and ownership which could be evidenced in future.